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Photo atelier and gallery Pelikan


The glass photographic studio was built by Celje photographer Martin Lenz in 1899.

The walled building with three smaller work spaces carries a glass studio of Pultatelier. Josip Pelikan bought him in 1920 when he moved to Celje.

Today, there is a permanent museum arrangement that testifies to the rich and creative life and work of the master photographer Josip Pelikan, who crafted Celje and Celje his masterfully lasting memory. Visitors can see the darkness, retouching room, master technical equipment, glass panels and original photographs on the ground floor of the studio. On the first floor there is a glass lounge with all the necessary equipment. The master Pelikan was created with natural light.

Photo atelier and gallery Pelikan

Razlagova ulica 5, 3000 Celje, Slovenija

+386 3 428 64 10

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