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Adventure park & bob kart


An environment friendly adventure park is anchored between tree trunks and canopy on Celjska koca.

Polygons for all age groups offer the possibility of all-round recreation and getting to know the environment in a different way. Park consists of three lines of different difficulty levels with a total of 32 training elements that promise an adventure for all types of adrenaline enthusiasts. The summer toboggan run Bob Kart spreads along the slopes of the Celjska Koča ski center. The 800 m long track offers both daring downhill as well as leisurely driving, but certainly a boost to the beat and a lot of fun. You can ride alone or with your little one. Bobcart The Celjski Racer is the first such toboggan run in Slovenia. On the track we can reach the maximum speed of 40 km / h.

Adventure park & bob kart

Pečovnik 31, 3000 Celje, Slovenija

+386 5 90 70 400

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