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Children’s Museum Herman’s den


The Children's Museum has been operating since 1995 and is currently the only such museum in the country.

It is a children's museum that draws its contents both from the past and from the present, from festivity and from everyday life.

It collects, feeds, explores and exhibits the Slovenian movable cultural heritage. It has two collections that are related to the child and his life. Through the museum, children are led by Herman Lisjak, a mascot of the museum, which is present everywhere: in exhibition spaces, at the depot, in the casino, in the gallery, the theater and in the confectionery, and elsewhere. The children's museum of Herman's den with diverse forms and methods of work, adapted to different levels, helps children to get to know and understand the world.

Children’s Museum Herman’s den

Prešernova ulica 17, 3000 Celje, Slovenija

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